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Why Israel is losing the media war

Posted by avideditor on April 17, 2008

Why Israel is losing the media war: “

(Gaza) Today Israel killed a Reuters cameraman. Consequently, there has been something of a media storm in exposing this so-called human rights abuse by the IDF. To that end, they have been showing photo after photo of this latest strike which by chance just happened to include 3 children.

This photo shows just how evil the IDF are.

In a snapshot, that picture encapsulates the evil the media paints about the IDF. Notice that poor child in the forefront of the picture – what harm could he be to a tank? Notice too that other child to the left of the picture dressed in blue who is also incapacitated on the floor. Last but not least let’s not forget the 4×4 about 30-40 feet away. Gosh, if i didn’t know better I would say the Jews are really evil.

Now look at this picture of the same scene:

Anybody wish to point out where that child (dressed in blue) has disappeared to? Notice how that 4×4 – which was what, 30-40 feet away? – is now over 100 feet away. Look at how those shoes are positioned? Tell me, if you had been blown off your feet by the blast of a tank shell, would your shoes be so close together, pointing in the same direction?

Now look at this photo:

How many shadows can you make out in that picture which belongs to somebody watching or taking pictures? I count 5. Tell me, what is the first thing you as an adult would do if you saw a child hurt on the floor, never mind two? Which leads me to the last photo:

So, tell me how come the 4×4 is on fire. It isn’t in the other 2 photos. Now look at those black shoes in the foreground. Seen them before?

Ever heard the expression, you’ve been had. I’m not saying people didn’t get hurt today in Gaza. But something tells me those pictures owe a lot more to Pallywood than to a photographer who just happened to be passing by.

(Via avideditor’s shared items in Google Reader.)</


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