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CAIR-Endorsed Pro-Terrorist Screening Canceled

Posted by avideditor on April 16, 2008

CAIR-Endorsed Pro-Terrorist Screening Canceled: “

The fundraiser event for jailed Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian, organized by the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union and promoted by the Council on American Islamic Relations, has been called off by theater management: Al-Arian Screening Canceled.

Starplex Cinemas has no ties or relations with the organization that rented the theater to do a film screening. The intent and content of the film was not disclosed. We have no political affilication and have canceled the screening.

We thank the community for bringing this to our attention.

For any questions or comments, please contact Kristen Wheaton at Starplex Cinemas.

Jonathan Constantine of Red County’s Campus Watch has more:

In a phone call with Wheaton later this morning, she explained that the decision was made because of the highly politicized nature of the screening, and the lack of disclosure by two female representatives from the Muslim Student Union concerning the content of the event. More specifically, according to a representative from Woodbridge 5, they described the screening as a ‘student film,’ despite the involvement of outside political organizations like CAIR.

(Via Little Green Footballs.)</


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