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State Dept to Jimmy Carter: Don’t Meet with Hamas

Posted by avideditor on April 11, 2008

State Dept to Jimmy Carter: Don’t Meet with Hamas: “

You know Jimmy Carter’s gone a little too far when even the State Department disapproves: State Department: Carter should not meet Hamas chief.

It’s just pathetic he should even need to be told.

The US State Department said on Thursday it had advised ex-President Jimmy Carter against meeting the leader of Hamas in Syria next week, saying it went against US policy of isolating the group.


Carter has in recent days discussed with the State Department’s point person on Israeli-Palestinian issues, David Welch, his plans to meet Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal.


‘We have counseled the former president about having such a meeting,’ said State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack, adding the advice was not to go ahead with such talks.


‘US government policy is that Hamas is a terrorist organization and we don’t believe it is in the interests of our policy or in the interests of peace to have such a meeting,’ he told reporters when asked about Carter’s plans.


Earlier, Hamas official Ayman Taha told Reuters in Gaza of Carter’s planned meeting. ‘There is an agreement to hold the meeting and arrangements are underway,’ he said. Taha said the meeting was to be held following a request from the Carter Center in Atlanta, whose goal is to promote global peace, health, democracy and human rights.

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