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Guess the Religion, Toxic Toothpaste & ICE Edition; UPDATE: Did Muslims on Our Soil Deliberately Target Americans w/ Toxic Toothpaste?

Posted by avideditor on April 11, 2008

Guess the Religion, Toxic Toothpaste & ICE Edition; UPDATE: Did Muslims on Our Soil Deliberately Target Americans w/ Toxic Toothpaste?: “

By Debbie Schlussel

**** SCROLL DOWN For More Disturbing News on This – Did Muslim Counterfeiters Purposely Send Toxic Toothpastes to America? Plus e-mail for News Director ****

Recently, Detroit-based Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents raided a warehouse full of smuggled counterfeit merchandise in suburban Detroit’s Oakland County. The merchandise is sold at cut-rate prices to operators of dollar stores throughout the Detroit area who then pass on the phony stuff on their customers, mostly poorer people looking for a bargain in a tough Michigan economy.

But the merchandise is not only phony, it’s poisonous. That includes toxic toothpaste containing ‘Diethelen Glycol [which] can cause paralysis of your facial muscles and cause brain swelling and can make your kidney’s fail.’


Last night, Detroit’s NBC affiliate, WDIV/LLocal 4, reported on the warehouse, but reporter Kevin Dietz left out one detail, which is almost always included–the names of the people who own and operating the warehouse and the stores that sell their counterfeit merchandise. That’s because all of them are Arab Muslims. Watch the video–on the middle right side of the link–closely. It’s hard, on the small screen, to tell the identity of the owners of the warehouse, but on the big screen, it’s quite clear, they are Arabs and they are laughing about their toxic toothpaste . . . all the way to the bank. (The Black man shown is their worker and not an owner of the business.)

What’s more, my sources tell me they are Muslim Arabs and are believed to be selling the smuggled counterfeit merchandise for money laundering to terrorists, specifically Hezbollah. But none of that is mentions, even though that’s why ICE is involved and it’s an ‘international investigation.’

It’s well known that Hezbollah has Arab Muslims selling counterfeit Nikes, hip-hop clothing, and other fakes like the toothpaste for profit to fund terrorist operations. I’ve written about it on this site many times, and it’s been documented in the L.A. Times and elsewhere.

Just Monday, yet another Muslim, Moustapha Moussa Amadou of South Carolina, pleaded guilty selling the fake Nikes and other clothing in Pennsylvania. On the same day, Ziad Assed Ismail of North Carolina was charged with selling counterfeit clothing at his ‘Hip Hop Spot’ store. Last week, in Indiana, Sharif Saleh was arrested for selling as many as 2,000 counterfeit Nikes in his foodmart. Also last week, Salim Muhammad a/k/a Sam Khan of Greenville, pleaded guilty to trafficking counterfeit goods for selling counterfeit clothing on his 33Urban website. And in Central Florida, Omar Amazinae and Abdessamad Farih, were arrested by federal agents for selling fake Nikes and counterfeit clothing at their respective stores.

There are so many Muslims selling fake hip-hop gear and engaging in the hip-hop lifestyle to respectively fund and pimp their kinship with terrorists that a friend of mine in Dearbornistan calls them Hezbollah’s Hip-Hop-bollah.

In those cases, it’s fake Nikes and hip-hop clothing, but in the case of the warehouse in my area, it’s toxic, counterfeit toothpaste. Many different phony products. Yet the perpetrators are all Muslims, mostly Arabs, and all for the same cause. Yet, you’d never know it if you watched my local newscast.

I went to high school with WDIV/Local 4 News Director Bob Ellis. He and I were in journalism class together and both wrote for the high school newspaper, ‘The JAY.’ All the way back in high school, both Bobby Ellis and I were emphatically instructed by our teacher, Dr. Ken Siver, that the most important things in reporting were ‘The Five Ws’–Who, What, Where, When, and Why. So, why is Ellis’ operation now omitting the first ‘W’–the ‘Who’–a basic tenet of objective journalism?

Well, apparently because–in the mainstream media, especially Detroit’s media–two other letters, P and C, too frequently trump that W.

Kudos to the ICE agents who raided the place. But will they really thoroughly investigate where the funds for the fake and poisonous merchandise are going–ie., likely to Hezbollah? The absence of ICE Michigan Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz a/k/a ‘Abu Moskowitz’ from the media report was glaring. He usually grabs onto whatever media spotlight he can get to bolster his greater ambitions to run ICE. But this time, he was notable absent.

That’s probably because he was too busy–as is his usual tack–meeting with his buddy, FBI award revokee ‘former’ Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, to apologize for the raids on the counterfeit-pushing Muslims. Agents tell me that any time they ever raid or arrest Muslims, they’re worried that Moskowitz has tipped off Hamad and his gang in advance. And they all know that he always calls Hamad, afterward, to apologize for their doing of their jobs.

**** UPDATE: Yet another set of Muslims caught pushing counterfeit merchandise, this time in Austin, Texas. Brothers Sahejad and Safiq Karedia, along with their mother, were charged with selling $83,000 in pirated CDs and DVDs and also sold counterfeit clothing along with Nike shoes. Which terrorist group will get the profits?

**** UPDATE #2: Did Muslims deliberately put toxic toothpaste into the American consumer stream? Reader Jim, who knows a lot about this says yes, and I believe he’s onto something:


Diethelen Glycol is highly toxic. It is more commonly known as antifreeze. It takes only a small dose of DG to kill someone, and the death it causes is excruciatingly painful.

Diethelen Glycol is not an approved additive to anything for public consumption. I think perhaps the authorities are not telling the whole story here. The probability that this accidently got into toothpaste is low. There is a hell of a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

Keep up the good work.


While it’s true that the toothpaste is primarily made in China, the Muslim Arab purveyors of it–from their warehouse–had been warned about their poisonous, counterfeit products, yet they continued to sell them. That should tell you a little something about their intentions and agenda.

**** UPDATE #3: E-mail WDIV/Local 4 News Director Bob Ellis and ask him why he won’t report the names of the Muslim Arabs inserting toxic toothpaste into America.

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