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Storm Track Disinformation: Jihad, Islamism, and the American Free Press

Posted by avideditor on April 6, 2008

Storm Track Disinformation: Jihad, Islamism, and the American Free Press: “

Storm Track Disinformation: Jihad, Islamism, and the American Free Press: ’

‘Our enemies are not all we need to fear,
we must fear those that refuse to name them’.

Susan Duclos Wake Up America

If you can’t name the enemy, you can’t fight it and if you can’t name them you can’t REPORT it.

There is an excellent article by Jeffrey Imm over at CounterTerrorismBlog. It describes the problem, takes it point by point, and suggests some resolutions. Here are some highlights.

In the war with global Jihad, words and definitions matter, and in fighting anti-freedom ideologies, the free press and media should be Americas greatest ally. Yet the confused and inconsistent reporting on Islamism and Islamist terrorism is another key fault line in Americas struggles with global Jihad.

Without a precise definition of the enemy by American political leadership, major segments of the American free press have made their own foreign policy decisions as to who is and is not an enemy, made their own decisions on what terms like ‘Islamism’ and ‘Jihad’ mean (if they use such terms at all), and provided mostly ‘isolated incident’-style reporting on such subjects, with the exception of the largely anti-war colored reporting on Iraq.

So instead of much of the American free press being used to largely address and confront enemy anti-freedom ideologies and their adherents, such media has been manipulated by editorial managers, publishers, and Islamist groups to focus their investigative reporting on the American government’s reaction to Islamist terrorism. As much of American government actions are based on a reaction without a defined enemy, there has been plenty of source material for press critiques and for press managers to gain political points against an unpopular administration.

The leftists, peace loving, socialist of the world and the media networks like CNN see themselves not as members of a nation but citizens of the world. And though that might be a noble idea someday, it doesn’t fit with current reality and wishing it so will not make it so.

But as made clear last week in speeches by leaders of the Washington Post and the Associated Press, the larger issue of ‘Islamism’ itself, its role as the root of ‘Islamist terrorism’ (as defined in the 9/11 Commission Report), and coherent news reporting on the continuing global links between political Islamism and such Islamist terrorism is not even an objective of much of the American free press. The reactive political sniping agenda by much of the American press’ reporting not only misses the larger issue, but also fails to understand that anti-freedom ideologies like Islamism are a threat to a free press itself.

Therefore, even when the threat of Islamism to a free press is unquestionable — such as imprisoned Afghan journalist Sayed Pervez Kambakhsh on death row for ‘blasphemy’ per Islamists in the Afghanistan government — Islamism is not a concern to such media leaders as Washington Posts Philip Bennett or APs Tom Curley. These American free press/media leaders’ apparent obliviousness to Islamism is symptomatic of the larger problem with much of the American free press when facing Jihad — as shown in such media shaping of terms, providing a platform for Jihadists, confusing the public on the identity of the enemy, providing opportunities for enemy infiltration, and allowing news reporting tainted by gullibility about Islamism.

How did that go – I’m paraphrasing – ‘First they came for the Christians, then they came fro the neo-con, then they came for the conservatives – then they came for me (the Press)’.

Read the entire article and then send it to your local newspaper editor.

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(Via The Gathering Storm.)

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