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Rev. Wright reprints “Hamas Stand” in church bulletin!

Posted by avideditor on April 6, 2008

Rev. Wright reprints “Hamas Stand” in church bulletin!: “

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Rev. Wright reprints ‘Hamas’ Stand’ in church bulletin!: ’

Finding an article written by the deputy leader of Hamas, a globally designated terrorist organization, in Trinity Church of Christ’s bulletin on Rev. Jeremiah Wrights ‘Pastors Page’ is beyond shocking. This is just another troubling insight into Barack Obamas friend and spiritual mentor and, of course, Barack Obama himself who said in his speech he could never disown Wright as he is a part of himself.  This is unbelievable:

The July 22, 2007 Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin reprinted an article written by Mousa Abu Marzook, deputy of the political bureau of Hamas. Originally printed in the LA Times as ‘Hamas stand’, Pastor Wright added a new title, ‘A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle’. The Times was criticized for giving a ‘Platform To Genocidal Terrorist.’ Where does that leave Obamas church? 

Marzook is a known terrorist and created an extensive Hamas network in the United States! 


Tucchamascolumn072207click on picture to enlarge

Update: Rev. Wright On The ‘State’ Of Israel

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