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Chinese justice seeps into Canada

Posted by avideditor on April 6, 2008

Chinese justice seeps into Canada: “

I think we should treat the Jihadis like the Chines treat the Tibetans. I am against commies but I think Iran would be much less of a thread it China took over. But I still oppose Islamo-fasicst and liberal governments Fascist actions that support the jihadis.

Chinese justice seeps into Canada: ’

This story in yesterday’s Post by Kevin Libin, about the Chinese consulate in Calgary forcibly holding a Tibetan protester for nearly an hour, is growing into a international incident. RCMP are now investigating the conduct of the consulate staff. Kevin will be on Rob Breakenridge’s radio show imminently to discuss it.

I believe in property rights, and I believe that trespass is a tort, and can even be a crime. I also believe in diplomatic immunity, even for diplomats from cruel regimes like Communist China. But if a Tibetan youth did break the law in Canada, it’s for Canadian police and prosecutors to deal with — not some brutish Chinese apparatchik, who thinks he’s still back in Tiananmen Square, meting out Chinese-style ‘justice’.

I understand that the youth in question doesn’t want to make a fuss, out of fear for his family back home. Fair enough, but too bad — I think he’d have a helluva case against the consulate for false imprisonment, assault and battery. If the staff who bullied him were locally-hired, he might be able to proceed against them. If they were Chinese nationals, they’d likely be exempt, and I doubt the case could proceed against the government of China itself. But even filing such a doomed lawsuit would be a well-deserved black eye for the world’s biggest bully.

P.S. I love this suggestion aired by the National Reviews John Derbyshire. I know it would never happen; but if Taiwan did declare independence on the first day of the Beijing Olympics, what would China do? 


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